Specific services for non French organizations

Corporate communication and public affairs


Tocqueville works on a regular basis for non French organizations, whether they are public (local governments, cities, institutions) or private (companies), that intend to establish or expand relations in France :

- business relations

- political relations

- economic cooperation

- public awareness


The situation: these organizations often lack an appropriate and efficient network in France, along with the knowledge of the French decisionmaking process.


Tocqueville's answer:

- influence positive outcomes for their stategic plan in France

- foster the launch or expansion of their relations with French autorities and/or business leaders


Our offer:

- perception studies among opinion leaders, journalists...

- communication strategy

- lobbying and public affairs services

- press and public relations

Tocqueville Public Affairs has developed an offer based on both its communication and financial expertise.




The situation: too many good projects fail to find financing because of communication failures.


Tocqueville's offer: we help managers present their business plan in a clear, synthetic and convincing way. Capital investment professionals are part of our team. We know investors' expectations and how to answer their questions.


Our offer is to provide consulting and assistance :
- to adapt and focus the business plan
- to enhance the project design, strategy, and governance
- to prepare or revise information (sales) memoranda
- to test projects among potential investors
- to prepare for fundraising "road shows": management, presentation training, identification of potential investors, contacts and follow-up


Relations with the financial community


The situation: small and middle-size companies often don't have the internal resources to deliver professional, appropriate and complete financial information to their stakeholders and investors, not to mention the economic and financial press.


Tocqueville's offer: Tocqueville combines the experience of capital investment professionals with corporate communication expertise to provide comprehensive assistance in financial communication.


Our offer consists of:

- identifying and formalizing key messages for financial communication: selection of 2, maximum 3 key messages to be delivered
- drafting relevant documents to elaborate this message (Power Point presentations, executive speeches...)
- editing annual reports, letters to shareholders and investors…
- facilitating positive relations with the economic and financial press through press releases, contacting journalists, and follow-up
- perception studies by evaluating financial analysts’ documents, press articles...


Types of needs we satisfy :

- a company wants to raise funds in order to finance a project, business expansion, or acquisition
- a group of persons or an institution wants to raise money in order to finance a non profit project or activity